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Our Know How

It's true that there are some people in business that you simply can't afford to ignore. Our dedicated Contract Manufacturing team are experts in business & project management and technology transfer know-how.

They'll make life easier for you across a range of disciplines that are pivotal to any successful, cost-effective resource such as drug development, analytical support, planning, QA & QC, regulatory compliance, logistics and engineering. In short, they are there to make sure you receive extraordinary service on a daily basis - robust and repeatable outcomes that will not only meet but also exceed pre-defined acceptance criteria, to improved deadlines, at a pre-defined cost.

Our team has the know-how to co-ordinate the extensive army of experts across our capabilities to deliver exceptional results – fast. In fact, from initial agreement to production, our average time to completion of technology transfer is six months. We've even completed some programmes in just two.

You'll find our team highly professional, flexible and very responsive in meeting your particular requirements.

So, now you know where to get the know-how - why not contact us today?

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